HANDMADE CUSHION COVER – Mustard, Pink & Black


This handmade cushion is made out of 3 sturdy fabrics in a color combination that gives it it’s unique look. Sewn with the patchwork technique, this pillow will be your next decors ‘statement piece’.

With it’s “geometric meets homy” look, you just can’t go wrong. Made out of 3 types of fabric and a black zipper, this cushion cover will definitely keep your home in style!




– Black zipper.
– Soft Pink Velvet
– Black Textile
– Mustard Woven Textile


50 cm x 50 cm / 19.7” x 19.7”

Every piece has been made by hand. Because of this, no two cushion covers* are the same and they may have slight variations from the picture. However I assure you that your piece will be just as beautiful.

*Cushion not included!
The cushion cover will be send without the filling to keep the shipping costs to a minimum.

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Wether you are purchasing an item for a loved one or to treat yourself: each piece will be gift wrapped and send with a personal note!

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